Door specifications for 98mm flat door with Concealed hinge

Total leaf thickness: 98mm

Frame: 98x100

Two (2) weather seals on four sides of the door, three (3) adjustable, in three dimensions, door hinges capable for suspending a door which weights up to 100 kg (W-Tec 3D 100) and automatic three points lock (Tandeo).

Eifel threshold system (BKV Eifel 62T) for full water proof or automatic drop floor seal with no rebate to the bottom of the door.

Double rebates give a perfect seal between door leaf and frame increasing the strength and security of the lock.


Technical Drawing




Airproof in case of closed and locked door frame: Category 4

Water proof in case of heavy rain: Category 4A

Wind Resistance: Category C5

Insulation for 98 door leaf: UD 98= 1,1 w/m²k

Certification: CE EN 14351-1


Externally the modern front doors are consisted of:

11mm Solid wood bilaterally.


Internally the modern front doors are consisted of:

4mm plywood bilaterally.

Iron bars on both vertical and horizontal so as to avoid door being warped.

Stone wool 150kg/m3.

Ventilation channels.



Choose the desired accessories for your door:

Electric lock mechanism.

Fingerprint entry system with fully automated locks.

Door closer.

Concealed door closer.

Door viewer.



Various Types of Glass: Clear, Sandblasted, Colored, Triplex, Energy efficient glass.






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